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IGP SICILIA 12 PZ. - LT 0,25

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Tradename:   Igp Sicily
Kind of oil: Extra Vergin Olive Oil
Production area:         Sicily
Altitude: 300 – 500 mt a.s.l.
Olive groves: Centuries-old olive trees.
Variety: Tonda Iblea, Biancolilla
Harvestingmethods:          Harvesting by hand.
Harvestingperiod:          October–November.
Extractionmethod:        A two-phase ongoing coldcicle.
Appearance:                 Deep green
Scent:                  Green olives fruity scent
Taste / Flavour:            

Full-bodied and deep taste, with a bitter flavour and a spicy one very balanced and with a fresh grass perception


It matches meat, grilled fish, soups, croutons; the raw oil is served with every dish of Mediterranean cuisine

Packaging (Boxes)    

Pack with 25 0,10-Lt bottles.

Pack with 12 0,25-Lt bottles.

Pack with 6 0,50-Lt bottles. 

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